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What is Soy Best?

Soy Best is high bypass soybean meal made with our all-natural, patented extraction process. No chemical solvents!

Our all-natural process of mechanical extraction carefully controls the cooking temperature of our soybeans for optimum rumen protein bypass and nutrient availability. By "cooking" our soybean meal, we are able to destroy negative nutritional factors such as trypsin inhibitors or molds, which lower nutrient availability and may cause potential herd problems.

The extracted crude oil is degummed and the fresh soy gums are applied onto the meal by a patented process.

  • From high bypass protein to high palatability to high milk and milk components production, Soy Best has always done the job. In research published in the Journal of Dairy Science, Soy Best supplied more bypass protein than other products.
  • Soy lecithin, phosphatidyl-choline and other phospholipids are applied onto the meal with Soy Best's Patented Application Technology. Research shows that these nutrients behave like rumen-protected fat – resulting in even more bypass protein and other nutrients with excellent intestinal digestibility.
  • Cows have responded in university research trials with more milk, more milk components, more feed intake and improved efficiency.
  • In some rations, a combination of Soy Best and Soy Best "L" can be the most economical way to meet the cow's requirements for metabolizable protein and metabolizable lysine.

In short, Soy Best is an excellent source of palatable, digestible, bypass protein.

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